This Memorial Day, we remember, honor, and mourn the courageous military personnel who have died while serving in the armed forces. We are inspired by the fearless example of those who have fought for our freedoms here in the United States of America. Through perseverance, collaboration, and unsurpassed sacrifice, these men and women have created a safer, more certain way forward in the face of crushing adversity.

The extreme environment of war provides a crucible for proving life principles that work equally well for both in times of war and in times of peace. Collaboration is one of those principles, and it’s been a core value of ASEA from the beginning. We seek to openly and strategically use the expertise of all members in all areas of our organization, from top leadership to frontline employees and independent associates worldwide. We know that our greatest success comes when we combine our strengths to solve issues and achieve our objectives. 

The perspective and gratitude that come from a remembrance that others gave everything in selflessness and bravery for a cause they believed in—and recognizing that the cause included the well-being we currently enjoy—empowers us to be as disciplined, as selfless, and as coordinated in our efforts as we can be. We’ve witnessed the amazing power that teamwork can have as we’ve watched so many in our organization achieve great things that, in turn, create greater opportunities for others. 

We are uplifted by the stories of associates and executives who have made their own sacrifices to start a business with the idea of helping others as their primary motivation. They’ve worked hard to help their families experience better livelihood and given time and money to worthy causes to help lift those less fortunate than themselves. We are continually amazed and wholly grateful for our worldwide ASEA family, who help each of us become better versions of ourselves every day. 

Like many times in the past, when conditions have become uncertain, we can witness people and communities both local and global unite to overcome an especially challenging situation. While bravery, resilience, and selflessness continue to be the attributes of visionary leaders and frontline heroes, the power of collaboration is of equal importance, especially when uniting to fight the common enemies of disease, hunger, and emotional distress. We look to our brave military forefathers for strength, resilience, and determination as we navigate this time together, as one group, united under the same flag. We pray for hope, safety, and resolution in the weeks and months ahead as we band together in collaboration to defeat and conquer anything that might divide us.