Last month, ASEA launched We Are ASEA, a training and connection initiative to keep the ASEA family united and thriving through the current shutdown. ASEA Founder Tyler Norton was one of the first to present in mid-April, and he shared valuable insight into keeping inspiration and imagination alive. The following was taken from his presentation. 

You know, I remember reading the 9/11 Commission report after the attacks on the World Trade Centers. And the introduction section of that book said that we can sum up the 9/11 reality in three words: failure of imagination. That has stuck with me. 

To see a whole country and global economy go into lockdown is a really interesting reference point to failure of imagination. Who could have imagined the kind of disruption that has happened here in the last month or so? 

I’m personally very mindful of the medical professionals who are not unlike the firefighters and first responders of 9/11, who, when everyone was running out of a building, were running into a building. I’d like you to consider yourself in that same spirit as you consider how you can react and respond to these scenarios that we could have never imagined four or five months ago. 

Give some thought to that as you consider how you want to support others during this time. Check in on people. Reach out. Make a list. 

You don’t necessarily need to call them regarding the business. You don’t necessarily need to call them regarding the product. You need to call them regarding the person. And if you reach out to people with a genuine intent to make sure they’re well and see if they need anything, if it’s appropriate and if it’s the right thing, the natural conversations will develop. 

We have an opportunity to ask ourselves as we look at this challenge, “What does this make possible for us?” I think this makes possible an opportunity for us to go out and say, “I’m going to be highly motivated, knowing that if I do my job well, I may, in my own way, provide value to someone else.”

I have a high degree of optimism in the future. We are going to win as a country and as a world. We’ll do this and get through this together.

You can get Tyler’s entire message in the video below. 

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