For many of us, both in and out of the ASEA family, working from home has long sounded like the ultimate dream. We almost certainly theorized that, from home, we’d be so much healthier, less stressed, and ultra-productive. Without the daily commute and the office distractions, we’d easily navigate our errands and accommodate our family’s schedule, right? We’d achieve new and bigger goals with all that extra time. That was the idea.

Now that so many of us worldwide are involuntarily confined to our homes, we might be singing a different tune (though we hope not). These may not be the circumstances we dreamed of, but they do provide an opportunity to test out some of our dream theories. Let’s start with that first one, the one about using our home headquarters to lead a healthier life. We’ll first look to avoid the pitfalls of cabin fever, and then we’ll move on to maximizing the health benefits available.

Get Moving with a Daily Workout

Scheduling a time every day for physical activity can seem daunting on the outset, but during a time when you may spend much of the day on the couch or the office chair, it’s quite a helpful thing to prioritize. Looking at the hours in your day, it really doesn’t take much to keep your health in check—just 30 minutes to get your heart pumping, your blood circulating, and your body happy. In fact, according to Science Daily, researchers have found that 30 minutes of physical activity per day is just as effective as 60 minutes a day.

It doesn’t have to be an extreme cardio workout DVD, a 5-mile run, or lifting weights, either; it can simply be a beautiful nature walk with the family dog or streaming a free yoga session just a Google search away. The key is to make sure you get moving, for at least a few minutes, daily. A great time to workout is in the early morning before the family wakes up, ensuring that you can focus, have privacy, and not get distracted. Your personal needs are important in order for you to be your best self, at work and at home.

Prep Healthy Meals and Snacks

Rather than having to worry about each meal and then becoming overwhelmed before grabbing something easy and possibly less healthy, start by prepping your snacks and meals before the workweek begins. Easy snacks like carrots and ranch, lunch meat, various cheese, almonds and nuts, or yogurt can help you keep your energy up throughout the workday. Healthy meals like a morning omelet, robust vegetable salads prepared for lunches, and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner make things easier when you can pop the prepped meals into the microwave. With one hour a week, you can prepare everything you need to stick to proper nutrition and help yourself be at your best.

Use Your ASEA Products and Drink Plenty of Water

The ASEA VIA line of daily nutritional supplements include a multivitamin, a probiotic, an omega fish oil supplement, and an antioxidant supplement. Studies show that our diets don’t always cover our nutrient needs, and the right multivitamins and supplements can fill in the gaps. By taking your whole food–sourced ASEA supplements every day, you can see benefits from sources specifically formulated into a proprietary complex shown to optimize nutrient absorption.

With the daily use of the ASEA REDOX supplement, you can experience the maintenance, restoration, and rejuvenation of cells, all with cutting-edge cell-signaling technology. Whether working from home is ultimately the dream or not, making positive action a daily habit is the first step to whatever dream you have.