In this uncharted world of working—and doing everything else—from home for weeks at a time, ASEA associates worldwide are embracing their strengths as operators of home-based businesses and setting their sights high. Because workdays with little physical movement can all seem to run together, it’s important to set up your own structured markers and patterns to create a productive foundation for home-based activity. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

When things suddenly shifted, you may have set up shop on the fly and begun working from there. If you haven’t yet taken the time to thoughtfully reset your home office since then to meet your current needs, this is the place to start. Creating a space that minimizes distractions and sets agreed-upon boundaries with others in your home can make a huge difference. This is easier said than done, but by posting a work schedule (see below) outside your door, you can find more uninterrupted work time and focus on getting through your daily tasks. 

Take advantage of your scheduled time by ensuring you have your critical digital applications— video conferencing, email inbox, the ASEA Virtual Office library—and other informational resources within arms reach and ready to roll. An at-home digital or physical library makes for quicker and more convenient referencing, and can also go a long way in helping with your prospects and team members. 

Maintain a Set Structure

Listing your daily tasks and schedule is imperative to keeping yourself on task. We recently laid out a helpful and manageable schedule sample you can model after, one that’s been used by other ASEA associates. As long as you know what you’re meant to accomplish each day and you focus on those things specifically, then you can wake up ready to tackle your priorities. This will leave time open for networking later in the day and for getting back into your family and personal time.

Make Sure to Connect With Others, Daily

Not only is networking and making daily contacts crucial to maintaining your at-home business, but it’s also important for your well-being and (just as important) the well-being of those you interact with. Even though we are currently experiencing a time of physical isolation, a phone call or video call every day with a mentor, friend, or loved one can make a huge difference in keeping up your motivation and morale. According to Psychology Today, staying connected to others can help with immune health and shows a 50% increased chance of longevity. People who stay connected to others also show lower rates of depression and anxiety. So keep in touch with someone you love every day you can.

Create a Project To-Do List

If you get in a groove, you may even find more time than you normally have. If that’s the case, it may finally be time to tackle those long-term projects you’ve had scheduled for “someday.” Go back to your goal sheet and see if you can set aside time once a week for an extended project. It may only take one dedicated hour a week on a major project to bring you that much closer to completing your overall goals. The key is to lay out all your objectives, list each specific step you’ll need to complete the project, and then take it on one step at a time.

Learn Something New

Self-care and personal growth are just as important as productivity. Leave room for free time throughout your day and use that time to catch up on your reading list. Not only is it helpful to read books and resources to help you improve your business, but to help you learn new skills, discover new ideas, and aid your mental balance. Taking up yoga, walking for a few minutes a day, or learning a new art technique can declutter your brain so that, when it’s time to get back to the business, you feel refreshed rather than at the edge of your limits.