Tyler Norton, ASEA Founder

If you were at ASEA 2019 Global Convention in Vegas, you remember that I talked extensively about the power of vision and strategy. I’d like to pull from that message to reiterate what lies ahead of us as we begin this new year and challenge you to create your own 2020 vision and strategy.

When ASEA began, my dad was a 69-year-old man who didn’t need to start a company. When he started forward down his new road, he was armed with little more than a vision of where it would lead. There weren’t a lot of people telling him, “Go for it.”

The vision statement he created then was simply “to achieve worldwide distribution of ASEA,” and his strategy to accomplish this vision was network marketing. While it’s hard to quantify the health impact of that vision and strategy—I still hear stories that consistently blow my mind—we now operate in 33 countries, more than four million cases of ASEA have shipped out to date, more than 93,000 associates have earned something from more than a quarter of a billion dollars in commissions paid out, while hundreds of thousands more have purchased and used ASEA products.

To me, that’s incredible evidence of what vision and strategy together can do. I wonder sometimes if we underestimate the power of having a vision. To create a clear picture you can reference for your own personal vision, I’ve tried to articulate what ASEA will do next. If you have the time, you can catch the complete vision here in my Convention address. Below are just some of the things we are going to accomplish together.


  • Be known industry-wide as the most trusted place for new and experienced field leaders to build a network marketing business.
  • Reach $500 million in revenue by the year 2025, placing us in the top 30 network marketing companies worldwide. 
  • Lead, own, and dominate the redox life sciences space in health and wellness.
  • Establish a Redox Life Sciences Research & Development Lab that will develop new technologies and REDOX products exclusive to ASEA.
  • Aggressively invest in ongoing publishable science and research that expands acceptance of our products.
  • Strengthen and broaden our portfolio of high impact, high integrity products with continued emphasis on complete cellular health.
  • Continue to give back through our Advancing Life Foundation, increasing our contributions every single year.

This is a landmark year for ASEA. Not just because of where we’ve been. Not just because of our vision. This year marks our 10-year anniversary. We’re beginning a new year and a new decade. We’re going to take this business to where it needs to go and fulfill this vision. Let’s make this all happen together.