The world is rife with pain, suffering, and hardships. The world poverty standard is based on an income of two dollars or less per day, which means half of the world lives in poverty. Approximately 793 million people around the world are starving. There are 30 million people living in slavery, and 46% of the world’s population is undereducated. ASEA recognized these facts and decided to make a difference by focusing on breaking global cycles of abuse, poverty, and suffering.


ASEA is a global company that produces the only supplement that contains active redox signaling molecules. These molecules are native to the human body and are imperative for optimal health. Redox signaling molecules are the communication systems in your cells that signal when something in your body is sick, injured, or old and needs to be replaced. Because of its groundbreaking product, ASEA has seen incredible worldwide success and wanted to give back.

One of ASEA’s core values is humanity, so in 2015 ASEA created the Advancing Life Foundation to provide opportunities for their corporate employees and associates to have an impact for good in the world. ASEA reviews and researches communities in need of help, and 100% of donations go to supporting their field projects.

Local Impact

The Advancing Life Foundation provides opportunities for ASEA’s employees to give back and do good in their local communities by working with homeless shelters, collecting donations, and preparing meals for homeless families. They have corporate food drives to support impoverished families over the holidays, and they put together hygiene kits to assist families impacted by natural disasters and women fleeing from abusive situations. Advancing Life also donates money to help those affected by natural disasters, such as the 2018 California wildfires.

Globally Impact

The Advancing Life Foundation works with organizations that concentrate on easing worldwide issues. They focus on relieving extreme poverty, helping villages acquire clean water sources and other basic infrastructures, and building schools and vocational facilities in poverty-stricken areas to give people the skills they need to live productive lives. The foundation also provides relief to communities devastated by natural disasters.

In addition, Advancing Life helps fund the Internet Crimes Against Children center in Thailand, and has partnered with Operation Underground Railroad. Both these organizations have the goal of eradicating child sex trafficking.

Upcoming Event: Cotacachi Ecuador

In Cotacachi, Ecuador, 87 percent of the population lives at the poverty line, and 44 percent of the population depends solely on the unpredictable economy of agriculture. This June and July, the Advancing Life Foundation, with the help of donations and ASEA volunteers, will build a vocational center that will teach carpentry, masonry, cooking, tourism, and other pertinent skills to underemployed adults and youth. It will give the people of Cotacachi options other than agriculture with which to support a family. This will elevate opportunities for growth and success among countless families in the region.  

The Advancing Life Foundation is dedicated to bringing good and hope to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds around the world. Their goal is to ease pain and suffering and improve quality of life. To learn more about ASEA’s initiatives, please visit the Advancing Life website.