Your skin is one of the first things a person notices about you, so taking care of it is important. But did you know there are some pretty basic everyday things that could be damaging it?


Sun exposure is the number-one cause of skin damage. The sun produces ultraviolet rays. These rays can break down elastin and collagen, both of which keep your skin looking smooth and young. The sun also produces free radicals– harmful, unstable oxygen molecules that may also cause skin cancer.

Caffeine, Alcohol, and Sugar

Unfortunately, the food you put into your body has a direct impact on your skin. Caffeine dries out skin, and dry skin has more visible fine lines and wrinkles. Alcohol consumption leads to skin dehydration, making the existing wrinkles more pronounced. Lastly, overdoing the sugar damages your skin’s collagen, and low collagen means sagging skin.

Cell Phone, Sunglasses, and a Dirty Pillowcase

When you sleep, your skin rests and sheds old cells. Those cells can build up on your pillowcase and harbor toxins and bacteria. Dirty sunglasses are also a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. And, if you don’t keep your phone clean, you may break out from your ear to your jawline—phones are bacteria magnets.

Steaming, Hot Showers

Although hot showers feel amazing, the hot water can actually strip skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling tight and dry. Also, wrinkles appear more severe in under-hydrated skin.

Squinting and Frowning

If you wear glasses or contacts, don’t go without them. When spending a day outdoors, wear sunglasses. Over time, squinting leads to fine wrinkles around the eyes. Frowning is the same—if your mouth is constantly turned down, it is only a matter of time before those frown lines start becoming permanent.

So, what are some steps you can take to counter these everyday things that are damaging your skin?

  1. Wear sunblock on your face every day—make it part of your daily skincare routine. Also, use skincare products that work on a cellular level, healing the root of the problem.
  2. If you’re like most people, giving up caffeine, alcohol, and sugar may not be very appealing, but using a great, vitamin-rich moisturizer is an easy fix. Also, be sure to stay hydrated by drinking eight glasses of water a day.
  3. Take care of your possessions! Sanitize those sunglasses. Wipe down that phone. Launder your pillowcase weekly in hot water.
  4. When you shower, cool down the water temperature before you wash your face.
  5. Don’t squint, and do smile.

Once you’ve mastered these, why not take the healing of your skin a step further? Start using products that do more than simply cleanse and moisturize. If you want to get to the root of beautiful, healthy skin, start at the cellular level. Products that help heal your cells actually improve your skin’s health instead of topically changing its appearance.

ASEA RENU 28 and Intensive Redox Serum

This whole-body gel contains life-giving redox signaling molecules, which signal your cells to heal and renew. In an independent study:

  • 100% of users reported smoother skin and a decrease in fine lines
  • 95% of users had noticeably firmer skin
  • 90% saw a decrease in visible photo-damaged skin
  • 90% experienced more radiant skin
  • 85% showed a visible decrease in number and depth of wrinkles

RENU Advanced Gentle Refining Cleanser

This cleanser hydrates and tones skin while removing dirt and impurities. It combines anti-aging ingredients with ASEA’s redox signaling technology.

RENU Advanced Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer

This vitamin-rich, probiotic-infused moisturizer has ingredients that help encourage detox and protect your natural moisture. It also contains oxygen attractors, which are vital for cell renewal.

Start using RENU products to help your skin become healthy again.

To learn more about the myriad of ingredients and benefits of ASEA RENU skincare products, visit ASEA’s website.