Gene Expression

You might have heard the term gene expression before, but what does that mean? Is gene expression what gives you your hair and eye color? Is it the reason you’re born with certain talents or a predisposition to certain diseases? Gene expression is actually responsible for keeping you alive.

Genes are subunits of DNA. They are the information databases of your cells. When your body needs something, whether it be more of a certain hormone, amino acids, or specific enzymes, gene expression occurs in the form of creating what your body specifically needs.

Gene expression, simply put, is when information stored in your DNA is turned into instructions for creating a usable product, like protein. These proteins perform essential functions as hormones, enzymes and receptors, and pathway signalers among other things. Pathway signaling genes have the potential to influence numerous biological responses.

Redox Signaling Molecules

Now, let’s go a step further. Inside of each cell, you have something called redox signaling molecules. These molecules are like the high-speed internet of your cells. They are responsible for communicating with your genes when something is needed on a cellular level. They also communicate when a cell is getting old, sick, or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, things like aging, our diet, stress, and the environment affect these signaling molecules—think of them as getting a bit rusty—and a rusty signal simply does not work as well. Your redox signaling molecules have a harder time getting messages sent to your genes, and if they can’t get their messages sent, your genes have a much harder time maintaining a healthy immune system, fixing injuries, replacing old cells, and fighting disease.

ASEA Redox Technology

Over a decade ago, scientists discovered a way to replicate the human body’s own redox signaling molecules. With this discovery, they found a way to put these molecules into a safe, consumable supplement: ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement, also known as ASEA water. With this new breakthrough, ASEA started studying the effects of their supplement.

Taueret Laboratories

ASEA partnered with Taueret Laboratories in an effort to see if ASEA water affected the activation of genes. They took a group of people and gave some a placebo and others ASEA water. After eight weeks, the people given the placebo showed zero change. The people given ASEA water showed a 28-31% increase in gene expression affecting five specific areas:

  1. Immune system pathways, which activate the immune system
  2. Digestive enzyme signaling pathways, which increase digestive enzyme production and limit indigestion
  3. Inflammation pathway reduction, which reduces inflammation and enhances immunotolerance
  4. Hormone modulation pathways, which activate key hormones
  5. Vascular health signaling pathways, which activate vascular elasticity and maintenance, reducing the risk of heart disease

RENU Advanced

With the success of their ASEA water, the company went on to produce a skincare line that includes a topical gel containing redox signaling molecules.

ASEA Facts

  • ASEA reviews and tests all its products.
  • ASEA has spent over $5 million to test all of its products.
  • No harmful changes occurred in the gene expression of the participants using ASEA water.
  • BioAgilytix, a third party lab, tested and confirmed the existence of redox signaling molecules in ASEA’s products.
  • ASEA is the only company in the world with a product that contains redox signaling molecules.
  • They have 10 patents for their products.
  • ASEA water is safe for athletes who undergo drug testing.
  • ASEA water is certified kosher.
  • ASEA does not do any kind of animal testing.
  • ASEA supplement is non-toxic and safe for people of all ages.
  • ASEA water is not a scam.

To learn more about ASEA and their redox signaling products, visit their website.