Salt Lake City buzzed with excitement over the weekend as nearly 600 committed ASEA associates converged at Envision Conference 2019 for a weekend of instruction and inspiration. Every seat in every session was taken, corporate tours were filled, and the Envision Store saw plenty of activity.

Ethos Sets the Stage for Opportunity

Kicking off the event, ASEA Founder Tyler Norton took the stage to present on the ASEA Ethos Academy. He taught how your self-image intersects with how you perceive and treat others as well as your business. His message went on to incorporate principles of challenging yourself as you increase your skill set. If you haven’t experienced this training, put it on your ASEA business bucket list now! You can read some tips to using Tyler’s ethos training to set impactful goals on the ASEA Impact blog.

ASEA CEO Charles Funke and President Jarom Webb kicked off the second day with a look back at the immense milestones hit in 2018. With both the history and strategy in place, our executives confidently laid out a view of the ASEA opportunity in 2019. (Hint: awesome opportunity lies ahead!)

Associate Accolades

Envision would not have been complete without an infusion of recognition. Every attendee, from the newest associate to the top leaders, had a chance to be recognized by their peers and applauded for the amazing work they do every day.

Field leaders also took the stage to train on business principles that lead to success, sharing valuable messages on attitude, focus, consistency, recruiting, and more. Every associate who advanced in the Diamond ranks since ASEA Global Convention last fall was given stage time to share their inspiring stories.

A medical experts panel of licensed ASEA associates moderated by Global Marketing VP Becky Cox got into the nitty gritty details of product benefits from RENU Advanced, how ASEA® VIA™ works, and how combining this new nutritional line with ASEA® REDOX makes for a powerful health regimen.

Taking Credibility up a Notch

Cara Hale Alter, author of The Credibility Code, rounded out the morning, training Envision-goers on how to become even more effective in their businesses by changing the way they present themselves. She gave indispensable firsthand facts about how eye contact, posture, and voice all contribute to the impact of the message you share.

One of the highlights of having the event in ASEA’s hometown is the opportunity for corporate tours. The entire day preceding Envision was filled with busloads of associates touring corporate headquarters and the ASEA Redox Center, where ASEA REDOX and all redox products are manufactured. The tours were so in demand that we had to increase the number of scheduled tours from three to seven to accommodate our associates.

Big Strides for Advancing Life

Envision wasn’t just about what attendees got. They also gave. The Advancing Life Foundation saw generous donations—donations exceeded $30,000! The event goal was to contribute enough donations to sponsor the training of an additional electronics storage device (ESD) police dog to help in the evidence recovery process of sex trafficking prosecution. Because of our associates’ generosity, we doubled the event goal and will now be able to sponsor two new ESD dogs!

Envision 2019 is already becoming one of the most talked-about ASEA events to date. If you missed the exceptional training and life-changing inspiration, see if you can glean a little inspiration from someone who was there. Events set the stage for success with ASEA, so plan now for the next one! Here’s to a great start in 2019.