ASEA events have a forward motion, a cadence that drives the timing and pace of your business. This cadence is the art of creating momentum from one event to the next.

“Events are transformational. Daily activities lead to weekly presentations, then monthly events that educate and motivate. Quarterly events inspire new action, and annual events highlight milestones. Miss an event, and you miss the opportunity to hear the message that will transform your business and your life.” — Karen Reilley, ASEA Regional VP, Sales USA

Daily: Dedicate time to reviewing contacts. Extend new invitations, including three-way calls. Follow up.

Weekly: Daily activities build up to weekly events. If there isn’t one, host an opportunity presentation. Whether in person, by phone, or via webinar, you can build your local market.

Monthly: Monthly events train and encourage a growing team. Set goals. Follow the ASEA Success Guide. Use Road to Bronze trainings for new promotions, tools, and resources.

Quarterly: Regional opportunity and training events give you and your team a place to be recognized for your efforts and feel the importance of your place in the bigger picture.

Yearly: The Peak Performance Program keeps an important annual cadence of its own, guiding associates through the milestones that lead to Diamond. Global Convention opens new opportunities with product advances, market announcements, and recognition for your team’s accomplishments.

“The rhythm, or cadence, to your business provides the foundation for residual income and a lifestyle of freedom. If you are looking for a transformation in your life, attend each event and bring your team with you. At ASEA you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.” — Karen Reilley, ASEA Regional VP, Sales USA