This article is part of a series on ASEA’s top compliance slip-ups and how to avoid them.

Through their physical prowess, their competitive presence—their place above common limitations and their battles with limits of the next order—ASEA athletes capture our attention. And in the spotlights that follow them, their lives provide value at a magnified view: As they drive themselves forward, they provide motivation and encouragement. As they fuel and train their bodies, they provide invaluable field testing to nutrition and fitness research. Their lifestyle offers value to this world that is emotional, scientific, and prolific.

But the standard 9-to-5 world of salaries and benefits typically doesn’t work to reward the value of an athlete or retain their services (something ASEA associates can surely relate to). Theirs is a world of sponsors, contracts, competitions, and endorsements. Through sponsorship agreements, they simultaneously accept cutting-edge products that will aid their competitive goals, adopt a brand identity, extend their dream, tap into a new fan support base, and add in a field testing component to their training.

Exceptional ASEA Athletes
ASEA has an exceptional team of athletes. Each one is a self-crafted icon with an individual story. Learn more about them on our ASEA Athletes & Brand Ambassadors page. Each one brings that athletic prowess and next-level use case for ASEA products.

Featuring swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, strongmen, climbers, course navigators, trail runners, marathoners, boxers, bodybuilders, skiers, and snowboarders, our team puts our products through motley and intense real-world testing. Through their home stays and their competitive travels, ASEA athletes from across the United States, Europe, Canada, and Africa put ASEA products in global spotlights. And, of course, in our modern world, their reach also transcends geographical boundaries through social media.

An Ambassador’s Balancing Act
Because these athletes represent ASEA so well, it’s easy to forget that most of them have other sponsors and agreements that must be given consideration. This reality influences how we use their images and testimonials—and it also determines the amount of time they can dedicate to ASEA press, appearances, and events.

With this in mind, ASEA takes great care to ensure the relationship between ASEA and its athletes is not only mutually beneficial, but mutually enjoyable as well. The authorization processes we ask associates to follow in promoting athletes in print or online materials exist to ensure that.

And because our athletes do want to support ASEA as their schedules allow, there is a process in place for ASEA Platinum Executives and above to request the appearance of an ASEA sponsored athlete at an event or on a call.

For more information on booking an athlete for your event, or to request permission to use ASEA athletes in any sales materials, please use the link to contact ASEA’s corporate athlete coordinator.