We are pleased to announce the faces of the 2017 ASEA Sponsored Athletes, some veterans to our group and a couple of rookies.

ana mendoza asea athlete

Ana Mendoza – At 19 years old, Ana is taking the karate world by storm! Ana is on Mexico’s Olympic martial arts team. She’s at the beginning of a promising career in karate and judo. Ana is ASEA’s first sponsored athlete from Mexico, and she has an immense passion for her sport as well as for ASEA’s products and associates.

breeja larson asea athlete
Breeja Larson – During the 2012 Olympics, Breeja swam her way to a gold medal in the 400m medley relay. With several U.S. Nationals and NCAA titles under her belt, Breeja has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with in the pool. Her introduction to ASEA came early in her swimming career, and she considers ASEA Redox Supplement her secret weapon during competitions.

bryan mccrystal asea athlete

Bryan McCrystal – A multisport athlete, Bryan played professional soccer then transitioned to cycling and later triathlons. He holds Ireland’s Iron Man record and attended the 2016 world championships in Kona, Hawaii. Bryan also coaches endurance athletes. He’s never one to shy away from a challenge. ASEA Redox Supplement has helped propel Bryan to many of his recent successes, including his Kona experience.

christiann arbini asea athlete

Christiann Arbini – Fitness coach and triathlete Christiann has a never-give-up attitude. Despite both hip and knee surgeries in the last year, Christiann is focused on continuing her success with triathlons. The first difference Christiann noticed after being on ASEA Redox Supplement for a couple of weeks was better sleep. This small improvement was all the proof Christiann needed to continue using it while training.

cody miller asea athlete

Cody Miller – The most recent ASEA athlete to take the Olympic stage, Cody Miller brought home both gold and bronze medals during the summer 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Cody was introduced to ASEA Redox Supplement through Breeja Larson and uses the product to keep up with his rigorous training schedule.

cody and kathy waite asea athletes

Cody and Kathy Waite – When dynamic duo Cody and Kathy Waite aren’t running, swimming, or biking, they’re coaching other athletes to become their best. Team Waite lives a healthy, active lifestyle while juggling their business and their family. They make it all work and still have time to compete! ASEA Redox Supplement keeps Team Waite going from one place to the next during their busy lives.
dexter yeats ASEA athlete

Dexter Yeats – Age is merely a number for this 71-year-old IRONMAN competitor. Dexter proves what taking care of your body can do in the long run. She’s not one to shy away from a challenge or be limited by the opinions of others. For Dexter, ASEA Redox Supplement means quick recovery after long, grueling races.

kevin mcdowell asea athlete

Keven McDowell – No stranger to overcoming adversity, Kevin is a cancer survivor and triathlete who runs for team USA. Kevin broke into the pros a couple years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. He has his sights set on the 2020 Olympics. As one of ASEA’s newest additions to the sponsored athlete program, Kevin is looking forward to his partnership with the company.

michelle salt asea athlete

Michelle Salt – A living miracle, Michelle Salt takes every day head on after nearly losing her life in the motorcycle accident that took her right leg. You can find her on the slopes, snowboarding with the best in the world. Michelle values her health after coming so close to losing it all. For her, ASEA Redox Supplement is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

shannon coates asea athlete

Shannon Coates – Powerful things come in small packages, and Shannon Coates is proof of that. She belongs to the Timex Multisport team as one of their sponsored triathletes. Over her racing career, Shannon has completed 11 IRONMAN Triathlons. She is powerful and determined when it comes to her sport and pays close attention to her nutrition and supplements. ASEA RedoxSupplement is a supplement she trusts to help her compete at her best.shawn burke asea athlete

Shawn Burke – Saying that Shawn Burke has made fitness his life is an understatement. It’s his whole universe. A gym owner who has a passion for triathlons, Shawn frequently wins his age group and proves that a healthy diet and proper training are the keys to success at any age. Shawn’s passion for ASEA runs deep. He credits ASEA Redox Supplement with allowing him to continue his athletic career despite the changes his body experienced as he started getting older.

The ASEA Sponsored Athlete program is proud to partner with elite athletes who not only seek to break records, win medals, and set personal bests, but also seek to take care of their bodies on a cellular level.    We’re looking forward to the strides our sponsored athletes will make during 2017! Keep checking back for updates on all their latest competitions and ASEA event appearances.