It’s ironic that after spending our youth trying to look older, we all reach a point when we desire to look younger. With countless anti-aging products available on the market today, it can be overwhelming to even know where to begin when you want to turn back the hands of time. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things you can start doing today that won’t just cover up the effects of aging, but will help fight the process, and in some cases even reverse it altogether.

1. Eat Healthy and Drink Enough Water

Eating healthy seems to be one of the most basic answers when you’re looking for any kind of improvement in your life, and there’s a reason for that. When you eat healthy, your body is able to get the vitamins and minerals it needs naturally, which is much better and more beneficial than getting them from a multi-vitamin. While making the commitment to eat healthy can seem overwhelming at times, doing so will help you to look better, feel better, and stay healthier—it’s an all-around win for your body.

Another gem from the list of things your mom likely told you to do is to drink enough water. Did you know that your body needs about a half-gallon of water every day to stay hydrated? Hydration is key in keeping your skin looking young and supple, so make sure you’re drinking your eight glasses a day.

2. Exercise and Get Good Sleep

Exercise is another tried and true health remedy that can help improve almost any malady you may experience. With exercise, you’ll stay fit, you’ll rid the toxins from your body, and you’ll allow your body to release endorphins. Getting enough exercise helps you sleep better at night, which in turn helps keep you looking young and spry.

3. Help Renew Your Cells

On the most basic levels, aging occurs inside of your body, and is directly affected by redox signaling molecules which send messages back and forth between your cells and your body. ASEA Science has uncovered new technology to help your body and cells continue to communicate efficiently. Like these other natural methods, the use of redox skincare products offer you a way to not just cover up the signs of aging, but actually reverse them.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

No matter how dry or humid a climate you live in, moisturizing is absolutely essential to any anti-aging regimen. As you age, your skin stops retaining moisture, and using moisturizer at least once or twice daily can help you rehydrate your thirsty skin. And your face is not the only part of your body that needs to be moisturized—make sure you’re not overlooking your neck or hands, two often overlooked locations that easily give away your age when not properly cared for.

5. Use Sunscreen and Limit Sun Exposure

While avoidance of the sun altogether really isn’t realistic, you need to take proper precautions every time you’re basking in the sun’s rays to avoid sun damage to your skin. Apply sunscreen daily, regardless of what season it is, and whether or not you’re spending the day in the sun. Wear a hat, keep as much of your skin covered as possible, and limit your time in the sun—your body will thank you for it.

You Can Do It!

Although these methods may seem pretty basic, they are all tried and true. Commit to taking better care of your body, slathering on the sunscreen, and helping renew cellular growth, and you will see an instant improvement in your skin, not to mention your overall health and well-being.

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