Most of us don’t think we are living in a futuristic utopia. But if you look around at many of the exciting advancements in technology, you will see that life is starting to look more and more like science fiction every day.

Cool new technologies are emerging constantly in the science world. While most don’t have their own department at any major university (yet), they are making big waves in the scientific and technological communities. Many are already being applied for practical purposes (think Google’s self-driving car) and some are beginning to look suspiciously like we’ve created artificial intelligence.

Believe me, the future is already here, and technology is only going to get more futuristic.

Here are five of the craziest, game-changing technologies that are starting to take off in 2016. Pay attention; some of these will shape our lives in the coming years.

1. Organic Electronics
2. Nutrigenomics
3. Synthetic Biology
4. Redox Signaling Technology

Redox signaling molecules have been around for eons—but it isn’t until recently that we’ve learned about their central importance in our health on a cellular level. New technology is emerging that inserts healthy redox signaling molecules into your body, helping to repair and replenish your aging cells. Since we are made up entirely of cells, every organ in the body can potentially benefit from this new technology.

5. Neuromorphic Engineering

Although neuromorphic engineering has its roots in the 1980s, it’s been finally seeing some pretty impressive advancements. Basically, it’s the process of creating computing systems that act like living organisms. MIT recently created a neuromorphic chip that allows a machine to be more aware or its surroundings and respond accordingly.

Scientists are already creating robots that think and behave like humans. They are synthesizing organic lifeforms, developing technology that could turn us into cyborgs, and using nutrition to enhance our genetics. Life is becoming more and more like a science fiction movie every day.

Five Emerging Technologies in Science That Will Shape our Lives in the Coming Years by Toby Nwazor (June 13, 2016).

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