SALT LAKE CITY (Feb. X, 2016) – ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, completed its first humanitarian expedition in central Mexico last month through its newly established foundation, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation. The foundation partnered with CHOICE Humanitarian and took 35 ASEA representatives, comprised of field associates and corporate representatives, to the Acambay region of Mexico for a week to build life-changing infrastructure in the small rural village of La Concepcion.

Led by ASEA Founder Tyler Norton and ASEA executives, Charles F. Funke, CEO and Jarom Webb, president, the mission showed ASEA’s continued commitment to giving back. Working alongside the villagers, ASEA volunteers developed sustainable resources and tools that will improve the lives of residents of the 400-person village.

“I am extremely grateful to the ASEA field leaders and executives who participated in the first Advancing Life Foundation mission to make it a success,” said Charles F. Funke, ASEA CEO. “I was humbled to witness first-hand how our dedicated volunteers brought about positive change in this community. The true spirit of ASEA is about more than check writing. It’s about giving of ourselves to make a difference in someone else’s life.”

In the short time span of a week, ASEA volunteers were able to build 10 water cisterns, eight indoor stoves, eight outdoor ovens and five chicken coops—a feat that CHOICE representatives said would have taken the villagers nearly a year to accomplish on their own. By providing the village with the proper tools, the community will now be able to learn how to leverage and utilize resources to improve the quality of their own lives, as well as to share their knowledge with surrounding communities.

The mission ended with a heartfelt and moving farewell, during which a group of village leaders—all women—thanked the ASEA and CHOICE volunteers for coming to their village to make a difference.

“As ASEA experiences growing success and expands its global presence, it’s important that we give back to those who haven’t had the same access to education and resources,” continued Funke. “We are looking forward to continuing the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation and providing direct assistance to communities all over the world.

About ASEA®
ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health, is dedicated to providing a sustainable lifestyle by delivering high-quality cellular health products through a principle-based, direct-selling distribution model. Harnessing science, ASEA offers first-to-market products that utilize molecules native to the human body that enhance vital cellular functions. ASEA’s cornerstone, patented redox signaling technology boosts the body’s natural cellular renewal and communication processes, improving total body health and allowing every system of the body to function better. Currently, redox signaling technology is available in two first-to-market products: ASEA® Redox Supplement, the company’s flagship liquid supplement, and RENU 28®, a revitalizing whole-body skin gel. Founded in 2010, ASEA currently operates in 25 international markets. For more information about ASEA products or the accompanying business opportunity, visit ASEA Cellular Health.

About the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation
The mission of the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation is to partner with those who are disadvantaged or in need and to provide them with sustainable opportunities that will help them break the cycle of poverty, abuse or whatever condition or circumstance that is holding them back. The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation accomplishes this mission by identifying and partnering with not-for-profit or NGO organizations with proven strategies to address specific issues in a sustainable way and in a manner that provides long-term impact in individuals’ lives.