Skin isn’t just the largest organ of the human body; it’s also the first thing people notice about you. The appearance of your skin is an indicator of age, environment, and hygiene, so it’s no wonder humans have been obsessed with how to take care of it for thousands of years!

Did you know that skincare started as early as 40 B.C.? Egyptians used aloe Vera for anti-aging! From there, the secret ingredients for radiant skin have ranged from crushed pearls to egg yolk. Scroll through the infographic below to learn skin care tips from history!

Here we are in the 21st century, where we have scientific resources to create proven skincare products. We also know that skincare is so much more than taking care of what’s on the surface. Healthy skin starts with the cells. That’s where RENU 28 comes in.

We introduced RENU 28 to the skincare world in 2014. It’s a revolutionary topical gel that uses redox signaling molecules to improve the appearance of skin by optimizing skin cell function! These molecules work below the surface of the skin in a way that most products don’t!

In a recent study by Dermatest, RENU 28 was shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

RENU 28 also reduces wrinkle depth, promotes skin moisture, and increases skin elasticity.

RENU 28 Dermatest Study

RENU 28 has a simple formula that works on even the most sensitive skin. It is unscented, uncolored, and paraben free. It’s a revolution in skin care that eliminates the need for clumpy, smelly concoctions. Bye-bye, crocodile dung!

The historical quest for radiant skin has finally met its match. Learn what RENU 28 could do for your skin. For more information, talk to the person who shared this blog with you, or click here.