Guadalajara was the place to be in September. Over 1,000 ASEA associates traveled from all over Mexico by car, bus, and plane to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of one of ASEA’s hottest markets with corporate leaders and special guests.

Tyler Norton, Jarom Webb, Charles Funke, and Duvan Botero gave standing-ovation worthy speeches to the attendees, plus ASEA ambassador, TV personality, marathoner, and actress Celina del Villar wowed the crowd with her testimonial of the ASEA products! There’s no doubt that the crowd was inspired by each of the speakers’ presentations.

One of the highlights of the event came during an exciting announcement! Mexico will be the home of the third ASEA corporate office! This office is the result of the exceptional growth in the Mexico market. Under the leadership of the newly appointed Mexico General Manager Duvan Botero, local associates will have local support for their business building efforts.

The Mexico anniversary event presented an opportunity to praise the impressive work that some of our most dedicated associates in the field have invested in the region. ASEA recognized the efforts of Mexico’s top 10 regional earners. Their success shows exactly what kind of reward comes to those who work hard.

In just its first year of operation, Mexico reported record sales of one million dollars per month. The market has taken its place as the second largest revenue generator for ASEA global, second only to the U.S. Even while in its infancy, Mexico continues to be the fastest-growing market both in revenue and enrollments.

With these numbers in mind, Duvan challenged leaders to work towards 25 million dollars in sales by December, 2016 using strategies he presented at the event.

With the enthusiasm and dedication Mexico associates show, it’s no surprise that the market has blossomed the way it has, and there’s no sign that it’s stopping any time soon.