ASEA associates met up in Las Vegas for North America Envision Conference earlier this month!

Envision kicked off at the Red Rock Resort with impressive, sold-out attendance. The robust crowd came ready for a weekend full of training, networking, and inspiration.

Thursday marked ASEA’s first Ethos Academy presented by Tyler Norton. This exciting new program was developed to get associates involved in the rich culture that accompanies the ASEA opportunity.

“The corporate soul is embodied in the ethos. Ethos are the fundamental values and beliefs we hold dear. When we live by these ideals, all of us, it creates a very unique environment where we can come and succeed,” said Tyler.

Tyler introduced eight principles that make up ASEA’s ethos. Associates will be seeing these principles more and more, but here is a brief summary of the Envision presentation:Sold out ASEA Envision Conference

1. E2PC: This stands for Ego and economic, principles, and capacity. At ASEA we emphasize principles over ego and economic.
2. Flow: The optimal experience comes from challenging yourself and using your skills to the fullest
3. Anatomy of Peace: Become responsive to the needs of those around you.
4. Believe, belong, become: Believing precedes all meaningful action, belonging means owning and caring about your success and the success of those around you, becoming occurs when you grow and develop from the experience of believing and belonging.
5. Human elements: Each person brings a unique element to ASEA.
6. The three questions: When is the best time to do things? Who is the most important one? What is the right thing to do?
7. Ubuntu: I am because we are.
8. Gratitude: Goodness often comes from outside ourselves, and when we recognize that, we are able to live healthy and happy lives.

If you’d like to familiarize yourself with the ASEA ethos further, video summaries of each of these principles are available in English in the virtual office.

Sally Dymond attended Envision for the first time, all the way from Australia. Ethos Academy was her favorite part of the whole event. She said, “Tyler’s full day of free ethos training was top-shelf personal development training!”

General session started on Friday. Attendees got a look into the state of the business, the upcoming Advancing Life Foundation expedition, and they previewed brand new training tools during the introduction to the cadence of events. Friday ended with a special presentation from crowd favorite and retired ASEA Founder, Verdis Norton.

New science was introduced on Saturday. Envision participants got a first look at the completed Dermatest cellulite study, and they heard from ASEA science council member, Dr. Karen Stolman. The excitement continued when ultra-runner and ASEA Athlete Dane Rauschenberg took the stage to share his motivating story of going from a non-athlete to a record-setting runner!

The event ended with the roundtable discussions, where Diamond leaders and Envision attendees were able to split up into intimate groups and discuss important topics to help associates improve strategies related to their business. The roundtable discussions were a tremendous help for those who were looking for some additional mentoring.

Not only was Envision packed with more than 600 attendees, it was also packed with valuable information and exclusive first looks at some of the newest programs and tools coming to ASEA associates.

“When you join a company, you always wonder what they really stand for. What is their motivation and why, and mostly who are the people running it? That was my purpose of attending Envision for the first time. This was a big trip from Australia and worth every cent. I met with leaders, with the corporate team spoke with numerous doctors and therapists all using ASEA. From the bottom of my heart it’s the single greatest group of people I have ever surrounded myself with,” said Dymond.

Envision is part of ASEA’s Peak Performance Program. To learn more about how this program can improve your business-building efforts, click here.