While most people were sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows and soaking up the sunshine by the pool this summer, ASEA’s athletes were bringing their own kind of heat. From races and matches to medals and world records, our athletes scorched their competition, and some even managed the impossible.

ASEA Athletes Summer 2015

Check out this summer’s major highlights from some of our ASEA athletes.

Strongman Eddie Hall
Eddie snagged the title of the UK’s strongest man for the fifth year in a row. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, earlier this summer, Eddie set a new world record for the deadlift when he picked up 463KG (1020.74 lbs).

Endurance Athlete Cody Waite
Cody completed the Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race for the first time in his career. The race covered over 100 miles with 12,000 feet of elevation gain! Cody finished 15th with a time of 7 hours and 1 minute.

Swimmer Cody Miller
Team USA swimmer Cody Miller headed to Russia for the FINA World Championships in August. Cody won gold during prelims in the men’s 400 meter medley relay, and team USA finished the competition as the world champions!

Cycling Team ASEA in Ireland
Damian Shaw claimed the title of national road race champion and was picked for elite Irish national team for road and track cycling! He’s showing the competition who’s boss.

Roger Aiken is the newest cyclist to join to Team ASEA, and he made a good first impression when he won the final stage Banbridge Super 7 Criterium.

Dane Rauschenberg
Dane won the inaugural Dam 15 Miler at Deer Creek Reservoir this summer besting the next competitor by over five minutes. He’s also competed in with races in California, Iceland and Rauschenberg (yes, Rauschenberg), Germany. He’s also working on writing another book.

Our athletes continually amaze us with the things they accomplish. They are all profound examples of what’s possible when you work hard, take care of your body, and dedicate yourself to your goals. Their success this summer is only a glimpse of the effort they each put into their sports. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these incredible people!

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