Just recently, a fellow team member introduced you to a supplement called Redox by ASEA, which helps our bodies rejuvenate. This helps with your focus, concentration and a boost to your energy level.

ASEA was generous enough to allow me to try another item in their cellular health line of products called Renu 28. Thank you.

Like the vast selection of supplements on the market, the same is true of those products that claim to give us healthier-looking skin. While you can wade through products from the affordable to the expensive, none of them actually helps you to achieve actual healthier skin. To achieve this, you need something that goes down to the cellular level where it all begins. Renu 28 can actually make your skin cells healthier. In a recent study, Renu 28 was shown to reduce eye wrinkle depth by 21%, improve wrinkles overall by 23%, improve facial skin texture by 22%, increase skin’s elasticity by 20%, increase skin’s moisture by 11%, and increase skin’s smoothness by 23%.

The Renu Skin Revitalizing Gel is easy to use by shaking the tube briefly and applying to your desired area. Rub in gel or wipe off excess. The ingredients of this product are Water/Eau, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Disodium Phosphate and Sodium Chloride. No testing has been conducted on any animals. RENU 28 is completely artificial fragrance and dye free. In addition, all products sold by ASEA have a 30-day money back guarantee.

RENU 28 is appropriate for all skin types, and can be used with your regular skin care and cosmetic routine. The company recommends that you use the RENU 28 as your first step after cleansing so that it can absorb immediately into the skin.

With a daily application of Renu 28, you will see a healthier, younger and vibrant looking skin in no time. It works from the outside in to promote cellular health. Individual results will vary. Some users see results within days, while others in several months. The company recommends continued use of RENU 28 twice daily for optimal results. I have been using the Renu 28 for almost two weeks now on both my face and hands. I have noticed a difference in both, but more predominately on my hands, as the skin is more hydrated. With younger looking hands, I seem to have more confidence.

RENU 28 enhances skin health at the cellular level, supporting younger, more vibrant-looking skin. Isn’t it time you did something for your skin that is going to work? Something that will start way down in the cells, supporting the natural processes that your body already has in place. Give your skin what it deserves. Try RENU 28 today.

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