ASEA is growing and gaining attention all over the world, and our online presence is growing in proportion to the company. If you’ve done a search for ASEA recently, you’ve seen that mentions of ASEA’s products and opportunity are popping up more and more in search results. But that doesn’t always mean the content will be helpful.

As much as we don’t like it, criticism of ASEA and its products is inescapable. There are people out there who either don’t understand our groundbreaking redox signaling technology or even more often, who don’t like the direct sales business model. And they will post.

So what do you do when you encounter a post or story with negative content? Do you set the conversation straight? Defend the company and products we love?

While joining the fray and fighting back may feel right, it can hurt our business more than it helps, especially when it comes to the rankings of negative stories on popular search engines like Google. The more comments, the higher the ranking—the absolute opposite of what we want to happen.

OK, so how do we combat that? Fortunately for all of us, there are five simple things we can do to fight these mostly uninformed naysaying posts.

Don’t comment on the negative content.

As we mentioned previously, clicking on the site and commenting on its content will only push its ranking higher. Some watchdogs and critics make their living by stirring up well-intentioned distributors in this highly emotional sales channel. As tempting as it might be to want to tell our side of the story, this will only make things worse. Refrain from fanning the flames, and continue to add good, positive information somewhere other than on an already-negative post. While it is natural to rally in support of the company in the face of criticism, we all need to understand how to do this in a way that will benefit our company.

Let ASEA know about the harmful content.

When you see something negative, contact our customer service team, and they will alert our PR and compliance teams to the problem. It’s usually tough to remove content once something is published, and it’s best that our staff who has experience with site owners to make corrections are the ones pursuing this kind of strategy.  We want to be sensitive that we don’t open a hornet’s nest in the process.

Most of the negative reviews about our product come from people who are misinformed or who have had a bad experience. When we encounter these reviews we make an effort to reach out to them, educate them, and try to correct the negative experience. We don’t want to censor, but to make sure they are well-informed and that have a pleasant experience with our company. Efforts include politely contacting the author or site owner and professionally state our case and request the item to be removed or corrected.

Share informative and positive content.

We continue to produce content that you can share and promote in your social media accounts. A link back to the corporate website, your replicated site, or any corporate content goes a long way in helping us push the negative down or eventually completely out of the picture.

Share your own positive and informative experience on Social Media.

Posting weekly useful and interesting information is the number-one way to help get rid of harmful content. Make sure to use a catchy title, add an appropriate image (don’t swipe it; purchase it or use a properly licensed image), and insert one or two links back to our business site. And by all means, make sure the content is compliant with regulatory guidelines and company policies and procedures.

Become a guest on positive, relevant blogs. 

Try to follow blogs and topics that appeal to you or the ASEA business, and pitch them an idea for a topic. Again, be sure to include links back to your site and ASEA. Make sure anything you do or say about ASEA follows the corporate compliance guidelines. Also, be cautious when sharing the information in other countries; each country has its set of rules and regulations that govern what we can and cannot say in that market.

Rest assured, ASEA Corporate is pursuing an aggressive SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that is beginning to address this in a positive, proven way. We are confident that in the very near future, we will be able to change effectively the landscape of what online searchers will find when they search for ASEA, redox, and other keywords associated with our company.

Ultimately, ASEA believes that our associates are confident and secure in how we do business. Many of the people we come in contact with won’t understand our business or our products. Rather than getting distracted by battling critics whose minds won’t change, stay focused on the most important goal: building your business. The more people we have working on building their business, the sooner we will achieve our goal of taking the incredible story of ASEA to the entire world.