Did you know that your skin recycles every 28 days? Your body sheds cells through a natural renewal process allowing healthy skin cells to emerge. It works to eliminate and shed any toxins and dead cells that are built up over time. As we age though this process takes longer so instead of 28 days it will become 32 days and a few years later it will take 36 days and then 40 days. We all know that our body and therefore skin doesn’t stay stagnate but did we realize how much longer it takes to refresh as we age?

Revitalize_your_skin_with_Renu28_and_enter_our_giveaway_-_2015-06-24_15.06.02_smThe challenge of having healthy skin that we are proud of means we need to work on renewal. Renu 28 by Asea was sent so that I could try to see how it would affect my aging skin. I’ll give you a hint – it helps!

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel is a clear non-fragranced gel to be used once or twice a day. I use it each morning and it’s so refreshing. You need to shake it well before using, then squeeze out a small amount. It’s a clear gel that isn’t sticky but it is a little drying. The ingredients in Renu 28 are simple yet effective: Aqua/Water/Eu, Sodium Magnesium Silicate, Disodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride. There are no preservatives and it’s hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

You want to use this for 28 days to see the change in your skin which I’ve done. After seeing the way my skin responded to this gel I’ve also started using it on my neck which I tend to neglect. Upon application you’ll feel this refreshing coolness from the gel. I let it set for just a minute and then continue with my other skincare for the day. Most days I apply Renu 28, then a serum and last a moisturizer with SPF, some days I’ll just use Renu 28 and go straight to the moisturizer.

A tube of this is $40 and will last you for months. You use such a small amount each day. Renu 28 Skin Retexturizing Gel is quite unique. Even with as many brands of skincare that I’m able to try, this is a new type of product for me. The science behind this isn’t available in any other product on the market. After seeing these before and after pictures on Pinterest I’m ready to try this in more places than I had been. It’s been toning and tightening my facial skin and now I want more. Don’t you? — Marcia


Thanks to Renu 28 we are able to offer one tube of Skin Revitalizing Gel to a Beauty Info Zone subscriber. This is open for US only and will be sent by the company. You must be 18+ to enter. If the comments close towards the end of the giveaway you can email me at beautyinfozone@gmail.com with your comment, click “I commented” and continue on with any other options to get more entries. Open through 4/11/15 at 11:59 p.m.

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