Where does the water in ASEA come from?Did you know that ASEA’s production facility uses 24,000 gallons of water a week to produce 12,000 gallons of ASEA Redox Supplement? That’s a lot of water! We don’t use just any water, either. Just like our manufacturing process, the water in ASEA is local to Pleasant Grove, Utah.

In fact, a short hike to up to Battle Creek Falls takes you to the water source that initiates ASEA’s production process.

Just over a half mile from the trailhead near Kiwanis Park, you’ll hear the thunderous symphony of Battle Creek Falls dropping 40 feet into a cool riverbed. The view is gorgeous. A hike up to the falls gives you an incredible view of the valley below. Walking down to the riverbed you can feel mist settling in the air as the water flows down to a dam and eventually into the Battle Creek Debris Basin Reservoir.

Will you be in Utah for Convention during May? Set aside some time to visit Battle Creek Falls in person. The trail is great for the whole family, and it’s safe for all hiking skill levels. You can also learn more about we make ASEA products during the convention production tours. You’ll get an inside look at how ASEA makes one of the only ingestible redox signaling supplements in the world. Sign up for a production tour on the Velocity registration page. Spots for these tours are limited and filling up fast, so reserve yours before it’s too late!

The water in ASEA comes from Battle Creek FallsASEA realized at the very beginning that producing a quality product meant working with local resources. From Battle Creek Falls to the production facility, 24,000 gallons of water a week is made into 12,000 gallons of ASEA Redox Supplement. These 12,000 gallons produce 10,500 cases of bottled drinkable supplement and about 9,000 tubes of RENU 28. What starts out locally is distributed to people all over the world who are interested in improving their health on a cellular level.