We are pleased to announce that ASEA has been accepted as the newest Executive-level member of Salt Lake City-based UNPA (United Natural Products Alliance).

UNPA is leading international trade association that represents and lobbies on behalf of companies who develop, manufacture and market high quality natural products. UNPA Founder and Executive Director Loren Israelsen helped craft and advance the landmark DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994) which defines and regulates dietary supplements in the U.S.

UNPA is a leading advocate of natural products and only grants membership to companies, like ASEA, that share a commitment to providing consumers with natural products of superior quality, benefit and reliability. The qualities that UNPA looks for in its members are some of the same qualities ASEA built its culture and business model on.

This membership is a reflection of ASEA’s commitment to provide superior products and to protect its customers and associates’ access to high quality natural products, such as ASEA and RENU 28, now and into the future.

“UNPA has played a crucial leadership role in the natural products industry for nearly 25 years,” said ASEA Corporate Counsel Ben Tyler. “At ASEA, we recognize the vital role that UNPA plays in both advancing awareness and protecting access to high-quality natural products around the world. This is important to us as a company that is committed to building our business for the long-term. We hope to work with UNPA and its members to continue to promote excellence in our industry and to ensure continued access to reliable and effective natural products.”

“We are very happy to welcome ASEA, an innovative Utah-based company, as an Executive Member. The veteran executive management team brings many years of experience and a strong commitment to support the many programs at UNPA,” said UNPA President Loren Israelsen. “The dietary supplement industry—like never before—needs companies such as ASEA to strengthen our ability to advance safety, science and quality.”

As ASEA continues to grow, we will continue to operate with integrity and the highest degree of quality to ensure that we continue our contribution to advancing health.