how to grow your ASEA business with duplication
By Craig Dalley, ASEA Senior Vice President of Sales

Everyone knows that the key to building quickly is an effective duplication system. But creating true duplication can be tricky to pull off. This year, ASEA will introduce two duplication systems that will jumpstart and model some of the most effective duplication methods available. Through them, every associate can learn some effective best practices on how to conduct and build their ASEA business.

The first duplication system of the year is the recently launched RENU You party plan, which is duplication in its purest form. Simply by being at the party, your guests are actually being trained on what to do should they choose to join your team. The beauty is that they are exposed to a simple, enjoyable way to share RENU 28, and ultimately, the ASEA business opportunity.

Once the host has experienced how easy it is to share RENU 28, you can incentivize them to enroll by offering to put all the sales and customers from the party into their new organization. And when a guest wants to enroll with the host, you’ve just jumpstarted that host with their first team member.

RENU You parties are not only easy to duplicate, they do your recruiting for you. An added bonus is that a host is typically able to book multiple parties from each one. Think about the potential of this system. Your business will literally explode – all as someone else does the inviting!

Are you seeing how the RENU You party leverages your time and maximizes your recruiting? This is a great way to create effective, sustainable duplication.

The second duplication system we’ll provide to you is still under wraps; it will be launched later this year at April convention. You’re going to love it because it will provide a powerful duplication model that will guide you through every step of your business-building efforts.

I know it’s a bold promise, but these two programs will absolutely deliver results. Get ready to enroll more people than ever, generate more volume than ever, and build more leaders than ever.

How’s that for a fantastic 2015? I can’t wait to see your success in the coming year.