By Jarom Webb, ASEA President
Not long ago as I watched my young daughter, I came to the realization that growing a company is a lot like raising a child. Early on in their journey they start crawling, they gain the freedom to explore and experience the world for themselves. They become more independent and more excited about all the places they can go.
Special message from ASEA President, Jarom Webb

Walking comes next. It takes balance and stability to walk. A child’s first step is monumental, and all the steps that follow are essential in helping them master this new skill. Once they can walk, there’s very little holding them back from running.

The incredible thing is, once they know how to run; the world is a field of opportunity awaiting discovery.

For ASEA, we have worked our way up from crawling, we’ve gained balance as we have developed our business model and retained incredible associates. Those efforts and your efforts have paid off.

We’ve increased volume growth, total orders, and autoship orders significantly. To date, we’ve sold more than 300,000 tubes of RENU 28. Our retention is up across the board, too. And since our last convention, more than 420 Bronze Executive and above advance in rank, with eight reaching Diamond.

All of these things play an important role in increasing ASEA’s cumulative revenue to over $200 million.

Now, ASEA is ready to run.

Part of running includes expanding and so far we are proud of our growing success in our new markets.

Australia and New Zealand opened in August 2014. Mexico followed one month later and has become the fastest growing market in ASEA!

The top five markets for ASEA are the U.S., Germany, Mexico, Norway and Sweden. Our international growth has been nothing short of impressive. As we lengthen our stride and propel ourselves forward, we’ll have opportunities to continue that expansion in additional markets and improve the markets that already contribute to our growing success.

As we expand, our need for proper communication increases. We currently support 14 languages in 25 worldwide markets, and each day we are improving our processes to ensure our international markets have continued and growing success.

Keep your eyes open for new opportunities to grow your business with RENU 28. ASEA will be focusing on accelerating growth in RENU 28 two and four packs as well as ASEA and RENU 28 combo packs.

I invite you to join us in April for the 2015 Convention in Salt Lake City. The content and events of this conference are invaluable, and I want to see you there.

ASEA is ready to run. I am ready to run. Are you ready to run?