SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (December 15, 2014) – During an event in Mainz, Germany in early December, Utah-based direct sales company ASEA received the “2014 Values Award” from leading EU/German direct sales publication Network-Karriere.
ASEA receives network-karriere award

Network-Karriere Publisher Bernd Seitz presented the award to ASEA founders and executives in front of hundreds of ASEA associates during an annual leadership training conference for ASEA’s European associates. Seitz said that ASEA was chosen based on the high ethical standards with which it consistently conducts its business as it interacts with its associates throughout Europe and the rest of the world. “A lot of companies in this industry talk about an ethical approach, but from my observations, ASEA consistently ‘walks the talk’ as it embraces one of its founding principles of putting “people before profits,’” said Seitz.

“ASEA is honored to receive this recognition from the Network-Karriere—a publication that has done so much to advance what’s good about our industry,” said Charles F. Funke, ASEA Chief Executive Officer. “We are grateful for all of the associates in Europe and across the globe who exude passion and a sincere desire to make life better for each person they come in contact with. Their hard work and dedication have made our culture what it is today.”

Seitz learned about ASEA from its Managing Director of Western Europe, Franz Gaag. As Seitz interacted with the company, he recognized its unique commitment to operating with integrity—something Seitz said that has resulted in the development of a truly unique culture. This became even more evident as he conducted interviews with ASEA Diamond Associates for his publication. All of these things played a role in selecting ASEA for the 2014 Values Award, he said.

About ASEA

ASEA is a global leader in cellular health dedicated to providing a sustainable lifestyle by delivering high-quality cellular products through a principle-based, direct selling distribution model. Founded in science, ASEA is the first company to market its patented Redox Signaling technology to customers worldwide. Redox Signaling technology boosts the body’s natural cellular renewal and communication process, allowing every system of the body to function better. Currently, Redox technology is available in two, first-to-market products: ASEA, the company’s flagship drink supplement, and RENU 28, a powerful skincare product. For more information, visit