By Charles Funke, ASEA Chief Executive Officer & Duvan Botero, Regional Sales Director, Mexico & U.S. Hispanic Market
Thank you to all of our ASEA family who have reached out in support of our Associates in Mexico who were victims of the devastating effects of Hurricane Odile. The following message was sent to our fellow associates and relief recipients in Mexico.

Please note the video is in Spanish as a courtesy to our Mexico Associates. 

Recently we had the marvelous opportunity to hold historic grand opening events in Mexicali and Colima, Mexico. These events were full of energy and enthusiasm as we shared our excitement about ASEA and RENU 28 officially launching in the Mexican market.

At the same time, we were saddened by the need to cancel our grand opening event in La Paz due to Hurricane Odile, which made landfall in southern Baja California on Sunday September 14. The devastation caused by Hurricane Odile in the Cabo San Lucas and Laz Paz areas was immense. After reaching Category 4 strength on Sunday, Odile weakened to a Category 3 but was still a major storm that did extensive damage. The U.S. hurricane center warned of possible coastal flooding and rainfall of 5 to 10 inches.

Obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to our associates at this time of extreme hardship impacted by this terrible disaster. Here are a few things that ASEA will be doing to lessen the burden on our impacted Associates in the coming weeks:


Recognizing that many are incurring extra expense or must turn your attention to recovery efforts, we are offering a number of measures that should help ASEA associates weather this storm.

1. We will waive active status requirements for all associates in the affected areas who had active accounts, as of September 12th. Enabling you to maintain your activity for a five-week period starting on September 13th and ending on October 17th (Period 36-Period 41). Be aware that to maintain an active status following this grace period, you must order the product no later than 10:00 p.m. on October 17th.

2. A 100 PV credit will be given qualifying accounts identified above and we will be depositing $100 USD in the Smart Wallet accounts of active associates in the affected areas. This money should be deposited by—Wednesday, October 8rd –into affected accounts. Again, we hope this gesture will help tide you over during this recovery period.

3. We are also thrilled to announce that we are rescheduling the meeting in La Paz that we were forced to cancel due to the storm.

Hundreds of our associates and their guests were scheduled to join us on September 22nd, and we are determined to return to La Paz and celebrate the Grand Opening of the Mexico market with you, much like we were able to do in Mexicali and Colima.

We are currently finalizing a date that we will announce soon, but look for us to return to La Paz sometime in mid-November.


We believe that these actions will result in a number of benefits including:

– Active associates will be able to maintain commission eligibility during the five-week period beginning on September 13th and ending on October 17th.

– It will also enable affected associates to maintain their eligibility to be paid at their current rank.

– Finally, it ensures that volume points for affected accounts will carry over week after week for the same five-week period beginning on September 13th and ending on October 17th.

We want each of you to know how important you are to the ASEA family and want to personally thank you for your dedication and inspiration during this trying time. We stand ready to help you in any way that we can and hope that even these small measures will be received in the spirit that they are intended which is to help you move forward with confidence for the better days that certainly lie ahead. In addition, we look forward to getting a meeting in La Paz back on the calendar in the near future where we can share in each other’s spirits and demonstrate our indomitable spirit in taking Asea to the great country of Mexico.

May God bless you all and grant you with the courage to move forward with conviction and resolution at this time.