Forgive me while I have a bit of a fangirl moment here but I’m seriously so excited to have a Sally Obermeder interview to share on Me my best and I.

Sally is the ambassador for my new skin obsession RENU 28 and I recently had the chance to meet her a few times in person & boy does she sparkle.

downloadSally Obermeder Interview with Julie Wakely, Me my best & I

Sally Obermeder! Thanks for popping over to Me, My best and I. Forgive me while I get a little cringey and admit I have a MAJOR girl crush on you and a MASSIVE blog crush on your site and I’m very, very, very excited & honoured to have you come & visit!

Really? You do ??!! I’m so flattered – thank you ! Hopefully you’ll still think that after the interview! Hahaha!

Like you, I’m a big fan of ‘living a luxe life for less’. That’s why I started my ‘Tight-ass Tuesday’ series; beauty steals for under $20. You are the BARGAIN QUEEN and have the innate ability to inspire women on how to make chain store look high end (check out Sally’s $20 heels and $25 chambray pants finds for proof of her tiara worthiness). What is the most recent bargain you’ve found?

Probably the $15 navy and white star knit jumper (above) we had on our blog, and on our Instagram. It looks like a Marc Jacobs or a Michael Kors piece, but it’s not. The website went into meltdown with hundreds of readers desperately asking for the details. (It was Target!)

What’s your favourite beauty product steal?

An $8 gold eyeliner that I use to rim my lower lashes. It makes your eyes pop and people always comment on it. It’s softer than a white pencil and perfect for when you’re rushing and keeping your whole face quite simple. After trying so many, this one is the perfect shade of gold. It’s a brand called SAVVY which I get at my local Priceline.

Let’s talk the ‘Sally O Glow’ – I thought you sparkled in photos and on TV but then I met you in person. Girlfriend has serious GLOW! Can you share your secrets?

Thank you! For me, it’s all about green smoothies. The more veggies the better. They have done absolute wonders for my skin, hair and nails and weight loss. I’m healthier overall as a result of one green smoothie a day, and hope that any glow I may have comes from the inside out!

You are the face of RENU 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel. Tell us why you decided to be the poster girl for this product (lucky them!) and the changes you have found in your skin since incorporating the product into your regime?

I love RENU 28 as it’s a natural-based anti-aging product. In a younger person, skin renewal happens every 28 days, but as we age this slows down to about 40 days. RENU 28 stimulates your skin in a gentle, natural way helping the renewal process. It’s a gel that imitates what the skin does naturally – all I’m doing is helping it along.Since I’ve been using it my skin looks fresher, the fine lines are diminished and the circles under my eyes, which I am quote prone too have decreased.

I am always a fan of your recipe posts, Sal’s Fish Curry is a regular in our house, what’s your all-time favourite recipe to whip up at home? (That’s actually my version above that you regrammed!)

I like entertaining and taking my time to pull together a big dinner for 8, but most of the time when it comes to cooking, it has to be quick, fast and fabulous. My go to meals are a slow-cooked Greek style lamb shoulder in winter. It’s easy, hearty and there’s plenty for leftovers of day 2. My other staple is a spinach, ricotta and feta tart with leek. For dessert I can do a rhubarb pie in under 15 minutes … and it’s yum!

Where is your go-to cafe or restaurant for tasty but healthy meals out? What do we have to order if we go there?

Porch and Parlour in North Bondi is my favourite place for breakfast – I order the green brekkie bowl which comes with poached eggs and I add a side of grilled trout. It’s huge, it’s delicious and I dream about it between visits.

Like many of us you are an extremely busy working Mum. How do juggle it all and keep all those balls in the air? Mum, wife, blogger, TV presenter, charity ambassador, charity founder (Wish by Swiish) skincare spokesperson and I’m sure much, much more?

Hahaha, it’s true – I do have a lot on my plate, but I enjoy all of it. It’s definitely a juggling act I often say that it takes a village Marcus and my parents are amazing. I work on SWIISH with my sister, Maha, and we also have a great team. I’m not always that successful at juggling it all, but I do the best I can. Some weeks I feel like a rock star and I want to high five myself, other weeks I feel like crying in the corner! That’s the thing – it’s never perfect, but I just keep going. Ultimately though, it’s all about Annabelle. If she’s happy, then that’s the most important thing to me.

Sally thank you for your beautiful, inspiring and real answers. I feel so honoured to be able to share your inspiration and light with others and hope some of my readers feel as impelled as I do Xx