Salt water – shanti healer, energiser, cleanser, happy tonic. But can it make my skin glow? It seems it can.

Probably not in the ‘mix salt with water’ and use it to treat ailments kind of way but when the white coats at ASEA get all ‘redoxy’ on us and make things happen to the molecules it appears it can.


ME-MY-BESTRedox Signalling – the super simple ‘salt and water’ science behind this new product I’ve been using which looks at skincare in a whole new way.

I just love when a product comes along that is NOTHING like I’ve used or seen before and takes a radical new approach to skincare and breaks all the rules.

This was why I was chomping at the bit to start roadtesting RENU28 Skin Reviatlizing Gel – the most exciting skincare concept I’ve seen in many years.

Exciting because it is a super simple, no frills formula, different from anything I’ve ever tried but seems to just DO something.

No scent. No luxurious texture. No nourishing ingredients. No nothing really

Just a bland watery gel that seems a little too runny than it should be and that offers no user experience or instant gratification whatsoever. None. In fact it even makes skin sometimes feel a little tight just after application, just like you’ve been swimming in the ocean.

RENU28 – four ingredient simplicity

There are only four ingredients, yes four. Salt, water a silcate clay and a buffering agent. Thats it. However it is what has been done to the salt molecules that seems to creates the ‘magic’.

The base saline solution undergoes an electrochemical process that creates new molecular structures that behave the same as the ‘redox signalling ‘ molecules our own body produces to protect cells from damage and ageing by interrupting the signals oxidative aggressors take on our basal cells.

Renu 28 – simplified sciencey bit

Its all a bit information overload but basically Renu 28 reckon they have emulated a way to recreate our skin cell protectors by manipulating salt and water molceules in a lab, loading it into a gel that we then feed our skin with twice daily, which helps slow down cell ageing and stress so as skin renews itself it renews with a higher concentration of fresher, less damaged cells.

Renu 28 – results

Results are supposed to kick in after the 28 day cell renewal cycle we all go through. And I really, really hoped so because it seemed very strange putting this bland, salty, nothing gel on my face twice a day.

The skincare cynic in me who had rolled my eyes a little on the inside at the ‘you just look fresher’ lines in the video testimonials and who is rolling my eyes a little in the inside at myself now when I say this but that is exactly what happens.

Around week three of twice daily application of a pea sized blob to my slightly damp face, immediately after washing and before my usual serums and creams my skin started to look a little more revived.

Its hard to describe (rolls eyes at self again) but skin just has more life, light bounces off your face, you look fresher, the sort of dewiness we try to emulate all the time with make-up That.

I have a friend that who’s skin has always done this and I’ve always been so envious. My skin did this in pregnancy and my skin did this that time I went on a raw diet for a while but I’ve never really ever had what you’d call a glow. But its here now, thanks to some blah salty gel. I can’t quite fathom it, but its there.

I actually notice it most when I put make up on because it peeps through this newfound light, my foundations have all suddenly became much more efficient illuminators.

As Sally Obermeder – major fan and ambassador of this product puts it. ‘RENU28 just gives you that I’ve just been on holiday for 6 weeks look’ which lets face is it, none of us will rarely get the chance to do.’ And I can assure you I saw her up close, sister g-l-o-w-s.

Ridiculous, just ridiculous. But I don’t care. This is what I’ve always wanted all my skincare and make-up to do, make me glow and it’s been happening bit by bit. Ridiculous. Redoxulous. Who cares, not me, I glow.

Now for the annoying bit – Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel is one of those Avon/Arbonne type set ups whereby you purchase directly from authorised distributors. However you can also buy online directly but you need to buy a two tube minimum ($59 each+ shipping) so please don’t fo and get hooked on the glow peeps unless you are happy purchase this way.

Renu28 provided for consideration. My new found glow and opinions my own

Have you heard of RENU28 before?

Do you have a product that gives your skin ‘that glow’

Can you believe it- salt and water?

Renu 28 Skin Revitalizing Gel – so Simple but Makes You GLOW by Angie Makes, Me My Best And I (Sept 15, 2014).