If you’ve ever wanted to have celebrity-esque skin, here’s your chance.

International skincare therapist Ingrid Seaburn has spent 13 years working in LA with some of Hollywood’s top celebrities, including Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross, renown for her ah-mazing skin.


Teri Hatcher
“She loves facial massage to tone the face. A specific technique that tones and stimulates muscles in a natural way lifting her cheekbones and jawline.”

Rachel Griffiths
“She liked product that was natural and no fuss as she was a hands on mum. Simple things like a pomegranate based peel to deliver radiant skin, that would give her fresh skin without having to worry too much about recovery time. Her attitude to skincare was that it needed to fit in with her mum-duties; she’d often let her kids massage her hands while we did treatments.”

Marcia Cross
“She enjoyed a home treatment of micro current and red light therapy with deep moisturising masks to keep skin supple and hydrated. She always protected her skin from the sun and was gentle in her approach to skin. I used osmosis serums and masks to moisturise her.”

Sally Obermeder
“She is blessed with naturally gorgeous skin. She also loves natural-based products which is why she uses Renu 28 – it’s a natural-based anti-ageing product. It contains Redox Signaling molecules, they allow your body’s cells to communicate and when you have cells that are communicating well, this is a vital part of younger acting skin.”

Ms Seaburn also gave us a few tips for how to revamp our beauty regime for spring:
Change up your routine — For spring use less oil-based products; skin needs lighter products in the warmer months to avoid breakouts. Add in some vitamin C to your serum to brighten skin and fight damage.
Throw out harsh scrubs — Start using enzyme-based exfoliants like lactic acid or pumpkin to give you smooth skin with no scratching.
Bring skin back to life — Use super hydrating masks twice a week to help bring back moisture lost in the winter air. Try masks containing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and honey to bring back moisture levels in the epidermis.

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