By Kim Marie Larsen, Director of Events
I recently saw an inspiring movie based on a true story called Million Dollar Arm. The movie chronicles the story of sports agent JB Bernstein, who in an effort to salvage his struggling business, conceives the seemingly implausible idea of going to India to find the first Indian Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher from the ranks of that country’s cricket players. A lot of people tell him he’s crazy, but he perseveres and discovers some raw talent as the result of a nationwide contest Bernstein holds.

The boys, Rinku and Dinesh, come from rural areas of India, and when Bernstein is driving them home to meet their families before heading to America to train, he tells them that they are about to embark on a trip that will change their lives, and punctuates that thought with the comment, “This is what dreams are made of!” The boys correct him saying that in India, people don’t have these types of dreams. They go on to explain that because this kind of dream is so far from the reality of their lives, most Indians don’t even know they are allowed to have a dream like this.As I watched this movie, the thought struck me that that there are many, just like these two young boys, who grow up with the idea that they can only expect to go so far in life—there’s only so much they can achieve. And yet through my experience at ASEA, I have met hundreds of people, who like Bernstein, are pursuing seemingly impossible dreams and succeeding. We believe at ASEA that it’s important to dream because dreams are where the impossible becomes possible.

The past few months have been a time filled with many events for those who have qualified to be a part of the Peak Performance Program (PPP) leadership events. As I have rubbed shoulders with dozens of ASEA associates at these events, I have met people who are dreaming big, but I also have met many who are scared to dream because of past failures or because someone has told them that their dreams are absurd.

Although it is ultimately up to each individual to believe in themselves and their dreams, ASEA is here as your partner to help you reach your dreams, whatever they may be. PPP is a step-by-step program specifically designed to help you set realistic, but ambitious business goals that will help you achieve your business goals, no matter how implausible them seem. As you hit PPP markers and qualify for leaderships events, you will be given additional tools, training and motivation to make it to the next step in the program. As you continue down this path, you will find that your dream is coming true and is absolutely possible.

Recently, I spoke to some of our leaders and asked them how PPP and these leadership events have helped them achieve their dreams. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Emilie Marchio, who attended the West Coast North America Base Camp, said this about her weekend in Seattle: “This was an incredible weekend filled with support, knowledge, friendships, and clarity! The amazing personal growth and leadership knowledge gained from listening to our outstanding leaders is one of a kind! I continue to be blown away by our fantastic company, the incredible compassion of its leadership, and the constant encouragement we receive from them in achieving our own personal pathway to success This is definitely an event every person who wants to be successful in ASEA should strive to attend! I already BELIEVE in the product, now I have experienced the BELONG of Bronze Camp, and know I can BECOME successful by implementing the training of Bronze Base Camp!”

Trish Schwenkler was one of the Diamond Leaders that helped train our Base Camp Attendees. When asked her thoughts on Base Camp, she said, “You will float in an ASEA “energy” bubble! You will receive first-class training which will empower you to continue your ASEA ascent with a higher level of “know-how”! You will rub shoulders with Corporate Exes and ASEA Diamonds! You will learn, laugh, have fun, be inspired, and you will never be the same again! Just do it! Get qualified for the next Base Camp!”

Karen McCann joined us in Star Valley at the ASEA North America Ascent event. She told me how it had been a long road of personal struggles and trials. “ASEA is more than a product, it’s more than a company—ASEA is a Lifestyle. The timing of this trip was perfect. I think I’m finally back to where I was. The reflection was the last bit I needed to regain who I can be. Now I believe I can step up and become a Diamond.”

Deni Robinson was also at the Ascent trip and she was thrilled to be with so many members of her team. She said, “It is an amazing experience to see and be with my team, this trip meant much more to me because they got to share this experience with each other as a team.” In the movie Amit is a long time baseball fanatic from India that comes with the boys to America to translate. Right before they pitch for their second try out he says to them, “I see my dreams in you, your victory is my victory.” In our industry, this is what happens as you start to build your teams and they begin to experience success.

Near the end of the Million Dollar Arm, Rinku and Dinesh have the opportunity to try-out in front of a host of top Major League Baseball scouts and international media. Naturally nervous, one of the boys asked their coach, “Do you think we are ready?” Even though he didn’t think they were, his response was perfect: “It doesn’t matter what I think or what anyone else thinks, it is what you think that matters.” In the final analysis, that is the answer that will determine whether or not we are successful. No matter what the nay-sayers tell you, all that ultimately matters is whether or not you think you’re ready to pursue your dreams. I challenge every ASEA Associate to put your fears aside and join with us in finding out what it is like to live your dreams!