Karen Reilley, Vice President North America Sales
Tell me if you’ve heard this question before, “Can you really make money in network marketing?” Maybe someone asked you that recently, maybe you’re asking it yourself. In case you’re wondering, I’d like to set the record straight. Yes, YOU can make money in network marketing. And here are six reasons to tell you how.

1. Believe in yourself
2. Believe in the product you are promoting
3. Belong to an organization that shares your same ethics and principles
4. Belong to a team that enables others to act
5. Become the leader you are looking for
6. Become a promoter – not an announcer

Let’s take a look at just one of these ingredients for success, number 6, Become a promoter – not an announcer.

A healthy network marketing company has a viable product that moves through the hands of its consumers. An effective Associate knows how to leverage resources and let the tools do the talking. Also, don’t forget that events are your most powerful resource. Besides the actual validity of the product, events serve a critical role by training you to maximize your residual income while providing excitement and camaraderie with those who are like you.

I would guess that many of you know someone that has had an impressive response to ASEA or RENU 28 and then simply stopped consuming or using the product. You scratch your head and say to yourself, “How is it possible they stop their Autoship when they know how they are benefiting from the product?” I would dare say that many of them have become disconnected and disengaged to the one thing that can bind them to that Autoship beside product benefits. EVENTS.

Network marketing success and money come from events, plain and simple. When you share experiences in person, whether in small groups or large groups, you create social proof. You cultivate a comfort zone for those in attendance to feel connected. There is something invaluable to gathering together to share and create new experiences.

In 2014, ASEA launched the Peak Performance Program to create the conditions that would bring people together. But your success and your paycheck are going to be determined before any of your team earn those rewards. Your success and your check are being determined by the number of events you conduct and attend. If you are looking at your check and wondering how to increase it, you may need to ask yourself when was it that you attended your last ASEA event with a new prospect or team member.

If you are simply announcing the next conference call or meeting, instead of declaring the value the new prospect or team member will gain from attending, you are an announcer, not a promoter. If you arrive at meetings and wonder why people you invited didn’t show up, maybe you should ask yourself if you announced the event or promoted the event. Sending an email or leaving a voice mail with the details of the location and time is simply an announcement. Calling someone to share how the meeting information may change their financial or physical life and the value of the information is a promotion. Promote the event so that your guest has a reason to come.

We are all listening to WIFM radio. We have 75,000 thoughts per day, 80% of them negative. If you gave someone enough personal reason to attend an event that may change the course of their life….you may just be one of the 15,000 positive thoughts they have that day.