ASEA, an emerging global leader in cellular health

ASEA, the Company

ASEA LLC is an emerging global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing
high-quality cellular health products. ASEA officially launched in 2010 with its
inaugural product based on cutting-edge technology known as redox signaling. The launch
of ASEA Redox Supplement was so well received by consumers that the company was able to
build a multimillion-dollar global enterprise based on this single product.
Subsequently, in 2014, the company introduced RENU 28, a revitalizing whole-body skin
gel that also leverages the benefits of redox signaling molecules topically. Since its
launch, The company has enjoyed burgeoning success and today operates in 26 international
markets. The goal of ASEA founders and executives is to continue to push the boundaries
of what’s possible in the cellular health category, developing and marketing
products that address global megatrends towards natural solutions to individuals’
overall health and wellness.


ASEA’s original product, known as ASEA Redox Supplement, is classified as a
dietary supplement in the United States. It is unlike any other dietary supplement in
that its uniqueness isn’t based on ingredients like herbs, botanicals, exotic
fruits and berries, or complex vitamin and mineral formulations. Rather, ASEA Redox
Supplement’s uniqueness stems from the fact that it contains redox signaling
molecules—molecules that are native to the body and vital for life. These crucial
molecules act as cellular message carriers, helping to protect, rejuvenate, and keep
cells functioning at optimal levels.

ASEA has created and patented technology that restructures salt and water to produce
these exact life-sustaining molecules outside the body. A byproduct of this proprietary
process is a natural form of chlorine that some consumers can taste despite its low,
safe level. BioAgilytix, a third-party lab, certifies ASEA
Redox Supplement
to contain active redox signaling molecules.

Benefits of Consuming ASEA Redox Supplement

Why is having a supplement that contains redox signaling molecules so

As we age and as our bodies are exposed to toxins and environmental stress, cellular
function diminishes, and with it, our health and quality of life. This decline also
affects the body’s ability to produce and maintain a proper balance of redox
signaling molecules. ASEA is the first and only supplement that restores and maintains
optimal levels of redox signaling molecules, helping anyone at any age maximize their
health and wellness.

Because it works at such a foundational level, ASEA Redox Supplement positively
impacts every system of the body, adding support where your body needs it most.
Cellular health is, after all, at the foundation of overall health and wellness.

Product Safety and Efficacy

While the science of redox signaling is relatively
new and ASEA is just a few years old, the company has pursued a strategic research
agenda to validate the product. The first strategy was to determine its safety, which
was confirmed in a
12-week trial
with more than 100 participants.

Once safety was confirmed, the company has pursued a number of studies to validate the
efficacy of its products. Studies on both ASEA Redox
and RENU
are published on the ASEA

While the science behind ASEA’s redox signaling technology may seem new to
some, it is gaining attention from researchers and has been the subject of upwards of
10,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers. A simple search on Google Scholar for the term
redox signaling provides a glimpse at some of the credible research being conducted in
the field of redox signaling science. And the fact that there is a monthly scientific
journal by the name of ARS Discoveries
(Antioxidants & Redox Signaling) devoted to research regarding redox signaling is
further evidence of the validity of this exciting, emerging science.

As research catches up with the groundbreaking nature of ASEA’s technology
redox signaling it will take its place among some of the most significant scientific
breakthroughs of the late 20th century.

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